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 “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”

 ~ A Course in Miracles

At present, viewer interest in zombies, vampires, werewolves and other such terrifying images seemly abound on primetime television and in our theatres these days. Unlike the scary movies of yesteryear where evil was clearly delineated and ultimately destroyed, today’s fearsome creatures not only look human but some are imbued with the ability to fall in love and create lasting relationships. How strange is that? Or is it!

Ever wonder what our fascination with the macabre really is about? Or why we are frightened of such and avoid it like the plague? Or why we are sometimes drawn to such imagery?

Of course, most of us generally find the supernatural quite entertaining, a pause from our daily routine and nothing much more. For many, make-believe fear can be a lot of fun as long as it is contained in a scary movie, a thrilling carnival ride or during Halloween. And so we brush it off at the end of it.

Yet, for those of us who are more sensitive, inquisitive or intuitively believe in the supernatural, a scary movie tends to haunt us long after the show is over. And so we anxiously begin to wonder.

So begins that which oft-turns out to be a lifelong search for the truth. Yet, we are far from recognizing the initiation of this ancient quest at the moment. If we are anxious enough and become dedicated enough, we are ultimately led to discern the truth from illusions and the real learning begins. Once open to truth, though not yet proficient with it, sometimes a person will walk up with a strange message, one you will hear and even accept but let it register far in the recesses of your mind.

Stranger at an Art Show

Years ago, while suffering from, yet another, unrequited love interest, one day a stranger at an exclusive art show I was attending walks up to me and begins addressing my situation, though rather indirectly. Recently, I had written my love ideal a heartfelt letter seeking his attention and understanding. Sadly, the letter was on its way containing his very heartless answer. I would receive it the next day.

Of course, such communiqué would have sent me spiraling into depression. Thus, having to take a sick day off work to mope around watching classic romantic movies on television or go on a mad shopping spree. Well, this did not happen! Owing, no doubt, to this strange conversation and the unusual person talking to me, thankfully I was saved from such devastation though deeply hurt nonetheless.

Besides being one of the artists whose work was on display, my messenger was also psychic but never said so. He then proceeds to give me a reading though it didn’t seem like it. Given that this event was held on a Sunday afternoon in a fashionable home offering a lovely buffet, with plates of good food and champagne flutes in hand we chatted comfortably. Among other things he said something that rarely surfaces for me, probably because it’s difficult to narrate.

Nonetheless, I’ll try. Basically, he said that the people we see walking around are not really as they seem; that our outer bodies are merely a casing. That inside this casing we bounce as we walk and look quite different, some even look like monsters or strange animals and others more angelic… It would take me years of learning to understand how to apply his message.

A Business Associate’s Recent Betrayal

Some say that our most difficult relationships often teach us our greatest lessons. This is basic a truth and I have found that the clarity always appears after I practice forgiveness. I have been avoiding this person for months and really hoped not to see her. Of course, we have a business contract, so we have to see each other occasionally. The other day I decided to give her a friendly hug. After feeling the warm vibration through her hand resting gently on my back, I resolved that she could not be as bad as I thought.

Wrong! Girlfriend screwed up again.

Feeling hurt and betrayed, I became angrier at myself for opening my heart to this person, again, and trusting her again to do the right thing without a lot of hassle! Sadly, I had to realize that I just cannot trust this person, which hurt. So I began wrestling with exactly how I am supposed to relate to this person in my heart and mind.

Being a very passionate person, I’ve finally learned how being angry at others actually hurts me deeply. So I don’t do that anymore, which is not always easy but I manage. Knowing that this is a very angry person who projects her deeply held anger when she can and obviously not willing to change her ways after being told, here again I wonder about having to be on guard, withhold my humanity or kind thoughts about her. These questions kept haunting me.

Finally I Really Get It

While this person is incapable of a sustainable affection for others, she, as with most narcissists, according to the experts, can appear warm and compassionate at times. As long as it is in her best interest, that is! Thus, it is best to expect nothing from her! And yes, do be on guard when dealing with her. This is okay. This is not hating but accepting how this person behaves and treat accordingly. Yes God loves her but remains silent owing to the misuse of her free will.

Ultimately we learn that those who love God, feels it and gladly shares it with others. While those who willfully reject God’s love secretly fear God and the love He shares with all of us. Herein is the real difference. And so, those who allow anger and hatred to fester in their hearts ultimately block God’s Love and the living joy it truly brings.

The Zombies Among Us

Simply put, the zombies among us are those dead to the living joy within them. Actually, they look quite normal. Some are average people like our colleagues, our managers and supervisors at work, our so-called friends and such; while others are prominent people and even politicians in our government, whose inner characteristics range from acute selfishness and greed to unbridled contempt for humanity. With no respect for the truth, they will lie and cheat at the drop of a hat, and even steal from their own grandmother. Yet life and love is ever near.

According to A Course in Miracles, only love is real. Thus love never hurts, which has to mean that it is what we have made of love that truly hurts us.

In truth, it is the lack of love flowing through our minds and hearts that is the lot of the miserable. This, in reality, translates to the indolent known as zombies, the insatiable known as vampires, and the vicious known as werewolves who walk this earth wanting yet dead to the love and joy within. Which is a divine gift meant to give life, a life more abundant than ever before.

And so we are each destined to awaken to the Eternal Life within us. And so it is. Keep the faith.

2012-2013 by Delores L Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post. All rights reserved.

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