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“Love cannot be described; it can only be felt.”

~Paramahansa Yogananda, Founder of SRF

(Self Realization Fellowship Church of all Religions)

 Though our gifted poets and artists in  the word have often done a great job of describing the effects of true love, still each of us must ultimately find our own path to love and express it fully in the world.

Some of us find love early in life, are able to recognize it and basically live a happy and meaningful life, thus evolving our self and the world with every breath we take.

While some of us are destined to search a longtime for love’s presence, often suffering dearly in the process.

Love’s Mysteries

Yet, the path of true love will never fail its relentless seeker, who has now become a master teacher…first unto itself. And so, at long last, love is finally revealed to its devout student and all of its wondrous mysteries heretofore hidden beneath its mighty wings!

Of course, the very first mystery revealed is that love was there all the time, as it was Love who created us and not humanity who seemly created it! Thus the heart is truly opened. As we began to unravel this great mystery, we are able to see the world’s ancient illusions about love, the ultimate source of all our pain and suffering.

Thus we resolve to choose love and not settle for love’s illusions, which generally revolve around having world power and material wealth. And so the journey continues…often through fallow fields of empty hearts reaching out for love and friendship yet bound by its own fears.

A True Heart Never Travels Alone

Of course, with love being sufficient unto itself, a true heart never travels alone. Now open to expressions of true love found in beautiful music, dance, wisdom of the ages, nature’s magnificent abundance and real friends on love’s path, the true heart is never a lonely hunter. Thus it offers to all it meets, the way to real love, ever-new joy and inner peace.

Love’s Attributes

So what is love exactly? Though love cannot be described, as love is not of our material world, we can appreciate love’s attributes. Thus, where inner peace resides in our hearts, there is love. Where our primal need to take and store has significantly transformed to our need to share with others, there love is. Where we neither want nor need anything from our friends, save the truth, there love is. And where we are truly happy all (or most) of the time, there love is and has been there all the time. And so it is!

So, Dear Reader here is wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Do keep the faith and remember you are truly loved by the greatest lover of them all…our Beloved Creator.

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