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“Love ye one another as I have loved you.”

~Jesus the Christ, John 15:12

Bricks and stones may hurt my bones, but words can never harm me. Remember that? When we were kids at home, this was our favorite retort against harmless name-calling. As we were not allowed to say unkind words to each other, which, today, still instructs me. In fact, back then to even think about calling each other “a lie” risked the wrath of our mom, as that was generally considered very offensive.

And so, early on, we kids learned how to respect other people, which is an impersonal form of Universal Love (compassion, kindness) that I was destined to realize later in life.

Of course, once in the real world, away from Mom’s refined rules of behavior, I would soon realize how hurtful words could be, and naturally avoided such whenever I could. Sadly, this was not always easy as there were, and still are, some folks who delight in using clever ways to hurt or even devastate others with their cruel expressions while giving a false pretense of having either good or amusing intentions. With a natural aversion to violence of any kind, I managed to stay true to my homespun values, and still do.

Charlie Hebdo, a Once Obscure French Magazine

Sadly, with all due respect to the victims, their friends and families, and that classic nation known as La Belle France, this brings us to the January 7th assassinations in Paris of Stéphane Charbonnier, Charlie Hebdo’s main publisher, and the other sacred souls tragically caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Done by woefully misguided assailants and later killed by the French police, railing against the magazine’s graphically obscene caricatures of their highly respected religious founder was their cause. Yet, this, of course, is never the way of the wise and the compassionate.

As we are meant to live for a cause and find a better way, a way that extends life and uplifts us all! Thus, the fatal actions of the ill-advised assassins must be widely condemned, together with the hateful images routinely published in the Charlie Hebdo Magazine.

Initiating a most tragic, international event that is still ongoing; a week later on January 14, this once obscure French magazine, heretofore barely surviving financially, boldly publishes yet another offensive cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, though less profane perhaps.

Nonetheless, this controversial issue is now selling in the millions according to CNN’s live reports from Paris. So why am I not laughing, indeed!

Free Speech or the Money

Recently, Dr. Tariq Ramadan, a renowned professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University, appeared on Democracy Now, a popular radio program, with hosts Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh during their continued coverage of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

While Dr. Ramadan rightly condemned the tragic killings and expressed condolences to the victim’s families, he also well stated that the cartoonist’s practice of “nurturing controversies” by insulting the Prophet or Islam is neither intelligent nor a decent way to deal with freedom of expression, though their rights must be protected.

Of course, Dr. Ramadan’s mention of the magazine’s allegedly known financial challenges that included bankruptcy over the last two years, “which has nothing to do with courage” but more “to do with making money” by mainly targeting the marginalized Muslim community, is not only stunning but heartbreaking, having known such in my own country.

Sadly, instead of taking the old ‘do or die ‘stand for the right to free speech as often touted by Stéphane Charbonnier deemed proud to offend, who once said he would rather “die standing than live on my knees”, he could have chosen to ‘live’ a better way. The way of a real comic, a genius whose sole purpose is to humor rather than savagely offend!

Instead, likely feeling invincible, could Charlie’s doomed editor have arrogantly dismissed the previous attacks on its offices, the ensuing death threats and allegedly stoked the flames of religious controversy just for the money?

Of course, as many well know, it would not be the first time that arrogance, combined with sheer tenacity, has overwhelmed commonsense in the hard pursuit of money.

But, what about the consequences, the tragic cost of human life, the suffering of those left behind? Is humanity more important than the money? And what of the increase in the systemic fear that seemly has engulfed the country, if not entire the world?

Only Love Can Cure the Disease of Fear

To mourn the devastating losses and assuage the mounting fears after the catastrophic attacks in Paris that ultimately killed 17 people, that following Sunday with more than a million people behind them, over 40 world leaders (and/or their envoy) came together, linked arms and marched down the historic Boulevard Voltaire in a Rally for Unity against fear, now deemed “the largest demonstration in French history”.

Ultimately inspired, it was a great statement of resolve that quietly personified “La Marseillaise,” the rather bloody but very passionate French national anthem (sounds better in French). This moving anthem is said to be first sung by army volunteers marching in the streets of Marseille in the late eighteenth century.

Of course, seeing Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel marching at the center of her male equals was also very significant. As poignant memories of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King marching in the rural streets of Selma Alabama, not too long ago, for peace and justice against the madness of systemic hatreds rushed into my mind.

Yet, having not learned how to love one another successfully thus far, here we are again beset by that insidious virus of systemic fear! This time marching in Paris France no less.

Thus, as Dr. King once said in part: “Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear; only love can do that. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.”

And so, the united march against pervasive fear and social injustices persists until humanity finally wakes up and gets it right.

Getting it Right!

First, relative to free speech, society needs to make clear, at all times, the difference between free speech and hate speech and stand behind it. As this has not always been made clear by the news media during its recent Charlie Hebdo discussions, which are still ongoing.

Of course, while bound by its own laws that protect free speech, as reported recently, on occasion the French authorities did attempt to deter the wretched contents of Charlie Hebdo. Sadly, though receiving copious death threats continuously, usually by mail, the magazine’s editor, Mr. Stéphane Charbonnier was not deterred, which ultimately led to his death.

Next, rather then going into denial as many in government and the media seem to be, now is the time to wake up and get it right. Owing to advanced technology and evolution in general, the world has changed completely!

Many people of a different hue or religion have been living in European society for some time now. Thus, generations have been born and raised there, and are now free to live and make their own choices. Thus, European rule is no longer isolated and free to decide what “those people” from distant lands should like and how they should feel.

Moreover, as we now know, unlike most rational people who have learned the wisdom of peaceful protest when marginalized by society’s injustices, some of “those people” who decide to think differently are foolishly willing to die for their beliefs, much like Stéphane Charbonnier then editor of Charlie Hebdo as previously stated.

While malicious propaganda, now trying to pass as free speech, has been used in the past to subjugate and marginalize certain groups of people, usually for economic gain, today such undemocratic socialization is fast becoming obsolete! As its intended targets are now more informed, more connected, and much more aware of the psychological dangers inherent in hateful propaganda.

And so we all must wake up, learn from our miserable mistakes heaped on the rest of humanity for far too long, and change for the better! And thus resolve to not let the terribly misinformed individuals on both sides of the equation continue to die.

Instead, let’s begin, first by example then by our healing words, to teach each one how to live, how to love unconditionally, and, most importantly, how to laugh! It is then and only then can humanity begin to get it right!

Hope for a New Day

According to a recent article in the Washington Post (Massive Crowds Join March for Solidarity in Paris), France’s chief rabbi Haïm Korsia is quoted as saying: “Why do we always have to be united by tears?”

That said, here is hoping that one day, when the climate is favorable to more colorful attire, a march for Peace and Unity will soon be held. Again, bringing together world leaders and religious scholars to lead a march down the historic Boulevard Voltaire.

Since only love can cure the disease of fear, this time a more positive mantra that simply states “I am Loved” will do splendidly. As this affirms who we really are!

And so, with each one affirming “I am Loved” by millions of people everywhere, the world would change instantly! Thus a divine promise is fulfilled.

As we are all in this together, on that day humanity will take a giant leap towards getting it right! And the real work for world peace and unity truly begins.

© Delores L. Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post 2015. All rights reserved.

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 “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”

 ~ A Course in Miracles

At present, viewer interest in zombies, vampires, werewolves and other such terrifying images seemly abound on primetime television and in our theatres these days. Unlike the scary movies of yesteryear where evil was clearly delineated and ultimately destroyed, today’s fearsome creatures not only look human but some are imbued with the ability to fall in love and create lasting relationships. How strange is that? Or is it!

Ever wonder what our fascination with the macabre really is about? Or why we are frightened of such and avoid it like the plague? Or why we are sometimes drawn to such imagery?

Of course, most of us generally find the supernatural quite entertaining, a pause from our daily routine and nothing much more. For many, make-believe fear can be a lot of fun as long as it is contained in a scary movie, a thrilling carnival ride or during Halloween. And so we brush it off at the end of it.

Yet, for those of us who are more sensitive, inquisitive or intuitively believe in the supernatural, a scary movie tends to haunt us long after the show is over. And so we anxiously begin to wonder.

So begins that which oft-turns out to be a lifelong search for the truth. Yet, we are far from recognizing the initiation of this ancient quest at the moment. If we are anxious enough and become dedicated enough, we are ultimately led to discern the truth from illusions and the real learning begins. Once open to truth, though not yet proficient with it, sometimes a person will walk up with a strange message, one you will hear and even accept but let it register far in the recesses of your mind.

Stranger at an Art Show

Years ago, while suffering from, yet another, unrequited love interest, one day a stranger at an exclusive art show I was attending walks up to me and begins addressing my situation, though rather indirectly. Recently, I had written my love ideal a heartfelt letter seeking his attention and understanding. Sadly, the letter was on its way containing his very heartless answer. I would receive it the next day.

Of course, such communiqué would have sent me spiraling into depression. Thus, having to take a sick day off work to mope around watching classic romantic movies on television or go on a mad shopping spree. Well, this did not happen! Owing, no doubt, to this strange conversation and the unusual person talking to me, thankfully I was saved from such devastation though deeply hurt nonetheless.

Besides being one of the artists whose work was on display, my messenger was also psychic but never said so. He then proceeds to give me a reading though it didn’t seem like it. Given that this event was held on a Sunday afternoon in a fashionable home offering a lovely buffet, with plates of good food and champagne flutes in hand we chatted comfortably. Among other things he said something that rarely surfaces for me, probably because it’s difficult to narrate.

Nonetheless, I’ll try. Basically, he said that the people we see walking around are not really as they seem; that our outer bodies are merely a casing. That inside this casing we bounce as we walk and look quite different, some even look like monsters or strange animals and others more angelic… It would take me years of learning to understand how to apply his message.

A Business Associate’s Recent Betrayal

Some say that our most difficult relationships often teach us our greatest lessons. This is basic a truth and I have found that the clarity always appears after I practice forgiveness. I have been avoiding this person for months and really hoped not to see her. Of course, we have a business contract, so we have to see each other occasionally. The other day I decided to give her a friendly hug. After feeling the warm vibration through her hand resting gently on my back, I resolved that she could not be as bad as I thought.

Wrong! Girlfriend screwed up again.

Feeling hurt and betrayed, I became angrier at myself for opening my heart to this person, again, and trusting her again to do the right thing without a lot of hassle! Sadly, I had to realize that I just cannot trust this person, which hurt. So I began wrestling with exactly how I am supposed to relate to this person in my heart and mind.

Being a very passionate person, I’ve finally learned how being angry at others actually hurts me deeply. So I don’t do that anymore, which is not always easy but I manage. Knowing that this is a very angry person who projects her deeply held anger when she can and obviously not willing to change her ways after being told, here again I wonder about having to be on guard, withhold my humanity or kind thoughts about her. These questions kept haunting me.

Finally I Really Get It

While this person is incapable of a sustainable affection for others, she, as with most narcissists, according to the experts, can appear warm and compassionate at times. As long as it is in her best interest, that is! Thus, it is best to expect nothing from her! And yes, do be on guard when dealing with her. This is okay. This is not hating but accepting how this person behaves and treat accordingly. Yes God loves her but remains silent owing to the misuse of her free will.

Ultimately we learn that those who love God, feels it and gladly shares it with others. While those who willfully reject God’s love secretly fear God and the love He shares with all of us. Herein is the real difference. And so, those who allow anger and hatred to fester in their hearts ultimately block God’s Love and the living joy it truly brings.

The Zombies Among Us

Simply put, the zombies among us are those dead to the living joy within them. Actually, they look quite normal. Some are average people like our colleagues, our managers and supervisors at work, our so-called friends and such; while others are prominent people and even politicians in our government, whose inner characteristics range from acute selfishness and greed to unbridled contempt for humanity. With no respect for the truth, they will lie and cheat at the drop of a hat, and even steal from their own grandmother. Yet life and love is ever near.

According to A Course in Miracles, only love is real. Thus love never hurts, which has to mean that it is what we have made of love that truly hurts us.

In truth, it is the lack of love flowing through our minds and hearts that is the lot of the miserable. This, in reality, translates to the indolent known as zombies, the insatiable known as vampires, and the vicious known as werewolves who walk this earth wanting yet dead to the love and joy within. Which is a divine gift meant to give life, a life more abundant than ever before.

And so we are each destined to awaken to the Eternal Life within us. And so it is. Keep the faith.

2012-2013 by Delores L Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post. All rights reserved.

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Life is a circle,
Which has neither a beginning nor an end;
She (or he) who knows where she is going,
Knows where she has been.

©2012-2013 Delores L Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post. All rights reserved.

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Hear ye! Hear ye! There is a new paradigm quietly emerging for teaching and practicing the ancient expedient of forgiveness, a sure way to inner peace, happiness and self-empowerment no matter how taxing the outer situation. This occurred to me one day after watching a Life Class led by Oprah and Dr. Phil on the OWN Channel, with emphasis on recognizing the toxic people in our life based on Dr. Phil’s book titled, Life Code: The New Rules For Winning in the Real World. The above subtitle quote is from President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

According to Dr. Phil, the world is rapidly changing, which now urgently requires a new reality. Or, a new way of seeing in order to prevail in our evolving society. He asks, have you ever had an uneasy feeling about someone but gave them the benefit of the doubt? Of course, many in the audience raised their hands (me too). He then illustrates that it is this antiquated, social response that is now an open invitation for disaster in today’s fast-paced world! I thought Wow! And perked up immediately. As I was emotionally exhausted owing to a certain toxic individual in my life. By then, after much soul searching and fact finding, I had discerned that it was not me but the other person that was way out of balance. Thus, I was in dire need of the right support. And this class fit the bill! Thanks Oprah and Dr. Phil.

Richard Parker

Sadly, we can’t always boot toxic people out of our lives, at least not immediately. So I have learned to quietly ask: What is the lesson I need to learn here Dear God and please let me hurry up and learn it? Of course, it usually does not happen that quickly, yet my learning process has accelerated which is progress nonetheless. Having been on the Spiritual Path several decades now, I’ve also learned to brace myself for my own fault (or faults) that will surly emerge. And so it has, though in a most unlikely form.

A while ago, I entered into a business agreement with Richard Parker (a pseudonym) for the upkeep of my car. Borrowed from the acclaimed film titled “Life of Pi,” Richard Parker is also a metaphor but more about that later. Having known Richard Parker for a while and thus having chatted with him on more than one occasion over the years, I thought him to be a rather nice person, one you could trust. Boy was I mistaken. Hence, you never know a person until money enters the picture. And believe me this was strictly business, thus no room for confusion.

Initially, we hit it off well. Knowing that I was a devout student-teacher of A Course in Miracles, he started asking me about ACIM and even suggested I started a class with some of his friends, which, as a spiritual teacher, I heard the call for help and took it very seriously. The first class went well; he brought his wife, a close friend and two others also came. Afterwards, only Richard continued coming and we met for a while, but he eventually dropped off. I had the feeling that he was getting too close to reality and did not want to face it. Though he had shared a very traumatic experience in his early life, I sensed that he was in denial of his feelings about it. And since he was not that religiously inclined (probably angry at God) and I am not a licensed therapist, I did not press the matter.

Troubles with Richard Parker

Eventually, I discover that Richard Parker was prone to misrepresenting the facts, likely in an effort to cut costs and pad his wallet. One day I had to yell at Richard like a crazy lady to get him to redo something immediately. Obviously shaken, this seemed to throw off his usual game of lies and he began to babble incoherently. Afterwards, I became physically ill. Initially, it appeared to be the flu that lasted several days or a week. Who knows? Then a severe case of food poising hit me (perhaps an overindulgence of potato chips was the culprit…never again, LOL). Having opened my heart to help him spiritually, somehow I felt I was made vulnerable to illness by these negative interactions with Richard, as I rarely become ill.

The food poising symptoms were the most traumatic. Feeling really, really bad, I prayed deeply. This truly helped and I soon realized that my body was naturally purging the toxins. Being a lover of Nature, I got that and felt stronger. Then I remember being a young girl sitting on my porch while intently watching a cat eat grass and later regurgitating. Ever curious, I run and ask my mom, who grew up on a farm, and she explained that the animal was sick and the grass was its medicine.

Later, I would learn that my grandfather relied on herbs and other natural remedies for their medicines. With this in mind, I naturally embraced holistic healing as I advanced on the Spiritual path. Yet, this belief is not for everyone; thus, I am not advocating natural healing here, just sharing my experiences with intimate friends. Of course, in a pinch, know that God and His angles are still in the miracle business.

The next day, after intermittently throwing up pails of bile and releasing diarrhea all night, I actually felt lighter (wonder why) and weighed myself. I had lost over seven pounds, in one day no less! Though I felt better, I was still sick with the diarrhea. So I had to miss Mother’s Day. Finally, after inwardly being urged to eat something starchy, I checked out the internet for the right diet and boiled some pasta which brought things back to normal about 24 hours later. Hallelujah!

What Happened to Happy?

Knowing this was not yet over between Richard Parker and me, I fall into depression though in denial for a few days. Eventually it hits me that my inner happiness is not there. I thought, wait, as I am usually happy and notice it at least once during the day. And then thought to myself: Hey, what happened to happy? In the school of metaphysics we call that self-inquiry. So, I started regrouping immediately while realizing that I did not come all this way to let a Richard Parker rob me of my Inner Joy. No way, never again!

In an effort to return to happy, I turn on Oprah’s Life Class that I had recorded and the healing begins. Afterwards, I download Dr. Phil’s book, Life Code. I was so excited about this book I called my sister and passed it on. Naturally, the above JFK quote, which is in Dr. Phil’s book, caught my eye and I now have a new philosophy, which is very powerful in my opinion.

The Perfect Equation, Thanks Be to JFK

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names,” spoken like a true Harvard Law School graduate. I see President Kennedy’s splendid advice as the perfect equation because, though equals, one side cannot effectively work without the other. Yet, together, both sides form the perfect whole. And it is this, the Modern World must learn, which is probably why Dr. Phil chose to highlight JFK’s quote in his book. Thus, the perfect equation has now become the perfect remedy for coping with the “bad people” who might show up in our lives, generally seeking to exploit and steal from us rather than serve others.

Scripture teaches us to forgive our enemies, which works as we are also releasing ourselves, being one in The Spirit. Yet, for many of us, men in particular, something always seems missing from this instruction. Now we know why: As, forgiveness, being a quality of the heart, flows from the Feminine aspect of God, while memory, being a quality of the mind, is of the Masculine aspect of God. Yet, for the best possible results in all things, the Feminine and Masculine aspects of God (mind and heart) must work together. And so it is!

Though forgiveness is the ultimate expedient for destroying our enemies, not forgetting their names has to be the practical means by which we remember their true nature. Thus, a necessary caution against possible harm, as such persons likely will not change anytime soon. Yet, we need not live in fear, ever. With a made up mind and heart, we are more dangerous than danger.

Richard Parker, a Metaphor

My take on Richard Parker in “Life of Pi” and our story is simple. Besides being a metaphor of discernment between friend and foe, Richard Parker ultimately represents the primal beast we once were. Thus, we all have a little bit of Richard Parker still within us, some more destructive than others. Yet, while Richard Parker often appears to be outside of us, he really is within us; thus, a product of our own mind created by our ego.

Another term for Richard Parker is, of course, the ego. As it is our ego that wrongly judges, which ultimately engenders fear, anger, and dark feelings of revenge. As we mature spiritually, Richard Parker begins to diminish and ultimately fades away. But not without a conscious effort to rid our self of our own negative thoughts and feelings.

This process is made easier when we realize that the savage within us not only makes us sick, but ultimately robs us of our personal power. Leaving us weak and trembling before an imaginary enemy. Thus the old adage, “Thoughts are things.” Then do we become wise enough to let go of our destructive thoughts and choose peace instead, which automatically empowers us.

Hence, “I can see peace instead of this,” (ACIM, Lesson 34). And so it is! And always has been. And always will be. Amen!

Updated June 2, 2013

© Delores L. Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post 2012-2013. All rights reserved.

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“I have nothing new to teach the world.

Truth and nonviolence are as old as the hills.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

The Aunt Jemimah Post was established on November 15, 2012.  After having to take the time to learn about blogging and find my way around the WordPress site,  a great service, particularly for those having much to say, this is our very first  post, now completed and revised today, December 6, 2012.

For me, the above Gandhi quote, being one of my favorites, says it all about teaching and learning that ultimately means the same.  Hence, today’s popular  saying, “We learn to teach and teach to learn.”

Thankfully, our learning has advanced to the point of being able to start my own blog.  Thus we look forward to posting informative articles of concern to all of us, covering such topics as art and showbiz, Aunt Jemimah’s wisdom, historic and current politics of the day, messages of hope and inspiration, and, of course, great stories of human interest.

So,  let us inform you.  Visit our site often.  Learn, grow and evolve.  There will be much to ponder and discuss as our blog community grows.

©2012-2013 Delores L Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post. All rights reserved.

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