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“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  ~President John Adams, c. 1798

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the 54-mile Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights Marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Such began on March 7, 1965 and would become known as “Bloody Sunday” due to the beatings and serious injuries inflicted by Alabama State troopers using billy clubs on the nonviolent, multi-racial marchers.

This soon led to the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA) being signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), who used his political powers to get the bill through Congress.

Since the U. S. Constitution only gives American citizens the right to vote, the States are free to set the operating rules. Which most Segregated States, being die-hard racists, had patently abused! As more extreme rules were set to purposely disenfranchise African Americans, thus denying the moral intent of our U.S. Constitution, the struggle for voting rights arose and ultimately created the 1965 VRA. Sadly, the struggle to vote continues in part.

According to President Obama: “Right now, in 2015, fifty years after Selma, there are laws across this country designed to make it harder for people to vote…the Voting Rights Act, the culmination of so much blood, so much sweat and tears, the product of so much sacrifice in the face of wanton violence, stands weakened.”

As President Obama also said: “We know the march is not yet over.” Yet, this was a very special event! Particularly, for those of us who lived through the turbulent 60s and saw on live television, the Selma Marches that racism brutally tried to stop.

Thus, having President Barack Obama, the first African American president, and a host of others recreate this historic march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge while holding hands with “foot soldiers” John Lewis, now a U.S. Congressman, and Amelia Boynton Robinson, now crossing in a wheelchair, was very significant for all Americans amid the ongoing struggle to end the disease of systemic racism in our beloved country.

It is estimated that 40,000 people attended, mostly African Americans, but not all. Of course, for many, just being there and crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge likely meant more than the actual event. As it was for me years ago, it likely was a pilgrimage, a silent prayer of thanks offered up to the great “foot soldiers,” an honorable phrase coined by Dr. King, who bravely took the blows, endured the pain, and kept marching for us all. Yet, such suffering is never, ever in vain!

Hit by the Reality of the GOP’s Unprecedented Letter to Iran

Yet, little did any of us suspect that behind the pride and pageantry of the widely televised commemoration of the Selma Marches lurked a group of 47 U. S. Senators seeking to usurp the negotiating powers of the United States President and act in its stead, or so it appears.

Thus, that Monday, via national television, the reality of such unprecedented arrogance hit most of us like a ton of bricks, so to speak. Having to set aside my own reflections on the Selma March tribute, soon I began to wonder. Initially, it was unbelievable! Yet, like a lot of Americans, given the sharp comments posted online, it soon was infuriating.

Who would have thought that 47 U.S. Senators would sign a letter stating their emphatic disapproval of the not-yet-known outcome of the ongoing negotiations between the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program, and then send it to Iran’s leaders!  Who would have thought the wily GOP[1] would take such overt action, but they did!

Reactions to the GOP’s Unprecedented Letter to Iran is Telling

Naturally, the White House was furious as are most concerned Americans. According to many reports from both near and afar, seems the GOP Senators’ letter is failing rapidly…as it must. Thus, many publications across the political spectrum have firmly denounced the letter.

Given our right to petition our government, it is important to note that many Americans are calling for the 47 GOP Senators to be charged with treason. For more information: See Petitions at WhiteHouse.gov re violation of the Logan Act, a 1799 law which forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.[2]

In this article titled, European officials Criticize Republican letter to Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Negotiator to these talks, allegedly states the letter: “Risks undermining the confidence that foreign governments in thousands of important agreements commit to.” Yet, Secretary Kerry, being a true patrician, will likely handle the Republican’s unprecedented intrusion with the same dignity and style we all have seen in him over the years.

In his Statement on the Senators’ letter to Iran, issued March 9, Vice President Joe Biden states among other things that: “This letter sends a highly misleading signal to friend and foe alike that our Commander-in-Chief cannot deliver on America’s commitments—a message that is as false as it is dangerous.” We hear you, Vice President Biden, loud and clear!

In this Huffington Post article, ‘I’m Embarrassed’ For Republicans Who Sent Letter To Iran, President Obama allegedly states: “I’m embarrassed for them,” Obama told Vice News. “For them to address a letter to the ayatollah — the supreme leader of Iran, who they claim is our mortal enemy — and their basic argument to them is: don’t deal with our president, because you can’t trust him to follow through on an agreement… That’s close to unprecedented.”

Of course, Iran has also responded. This is very telling given the past warmongering of the Republican Neo-cons who lied about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction” to justify their war on Iraq, and who may well be behind the GOP’s letter to Iran, or so it appears.

In this article titled “Iran’s leader: Fall of U.S. ‘political ethics’ highlighted by GOP letter,” the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, allegedly states: “Every time we reach a stage where the end of the negotiations is in sight, the tone of the other party, particularly the Americans, becomes harsher, harder and more aggressive.” IRNA, the official news agency, quoted Khamenei as saying, “This is the nature of their tricks and deceptions.”

Warmongering again! Or could the Republicans simply be trying to undermine the Democrats and the Obama Administration so as to gain political support in the 2016 presidential elections? Though good reason dictates that this recent affront to President Obama’s authority is not only unwise, an unprecedented breach of protocol but is also quite dangerous. Then again, who said the GOP’s soulless strategy actually cared about anything except winning!

Insidious Race-baiting, The GOP’s Soulless Strategy

Race-baiting, a popular idiom now part of the American lexicon, is a hateful scheme generally used to arouse the ridicule, prejudice or fears of one racial group regarding another through speech or inference, particularly when deployed as a political tactic.

A recent example of race-baiting was the relentless use of contemptuous cartoons by Charlie Hebdo’s founding publisher in Paris, which, of course, ended tragically. Race-baiting was recently used in a film titled, The Interview that infers the removal of a North Korean leader, which caused a mini cyber stir between the East and the West, so to speak.[3]

In 1980, Ronald Reagan’s first presidential campaign stop was in Philadelphia, Mississippi, former Klan vicinity where the young Voting Rights activists: Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney were tragically gunned down by angry whites in 1964. Hardly a Civil Rights advocate, former California governor Ronald Reagan successfully used the classic race-baiting code, “I believe in states rights” [4] to affirm where he was really coming from, and has been a revered hero of the Republican Party since, which continues to divide our nation.

Thus, as if to infer that “white folks” are still in charge, it is no accident that the 47 GOP Senators (mostly all white) issued their unprecedented letter to Iran the day after the Selma March Tributes, or so it seems. Overly assured by years of insidious race-baiting campaigns that proved successful, the GOP Senators knew exactly what they were doing. Of course, being all too familiar with the Republicans’ soulless tactics, African Americans would also know.

Yet, what the wily GOP did not seem to anticipate were the reactions of the other “white folks” in our fair land, who would not only disagree with their unprecedented actions but be outraged. See, Some Republican Senators Surprised by Backlash to Iran letter.[5]

Although many Americans are calling for charges against the erring senators under the Logan Act of 1799, it has only been used once. Then again, perhaps that’s the problem! The unparalleled arrogance of the 47 GOP Senators speaks volumes to the ego’s refusal to respect the law when left unaccountable. Hence, the democratic of rule thumb: no one should be held above the law, including its lawmakers.

Thus, in order to preserve our American democracy let this be the start of something new…real equality for all and a swift accountability of our government officials in times of crisis!

Meanwhile, we can take heart in these immortal words from Sr. Winston Churchill during WWII: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

© Delores L. Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post 2012-2015. All rights reserved.

[1] Oft-claiming to be the party of Abraham Lincoln, the GOP (the Grand Old Party) is far from what it once was. Founded by anti-slavery activists in 1854, it allegedly made a dramatic shift in the early 70s to what it is now.

[2] For more information see Petitions at White House.gov : “We Petition the Obama Administration to file charges against the 47 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act in attempting to undermine a nuclear agreement”:


[3] This contentious 2014 Hollywood film titled The Interview, stars Seth Rogen and James Franco.

[4] From the New York Times article: Righting Reagan’s Wrongs? by Bob Herbert, November 13, 2007.

[5] Ref: Some Republican Senators Surprised by Backlash to Iran letter by Sean Sullivan, Washington Post, http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2015/03/12/some-republican-senators-surprised-by-backlash-to-iran-letter/?wpisrc=nl_headlines&wpmm=1 .

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Quo Vadis Domine: Lord, Where Goest Thou?  ~John 13:36 

It has been said that life only moves in two directions and that only love is real. Thus, either we are going in truth and love or going in fear and hate-born illusions. The choice is ours.

Today, I still remember seeing the 1952 multi-Oscar winning film “Quo Vadis” for the first time. Set around 65 AD at the dawn of Christianity depicting the horrendous sufferings of its founders and the depraved madness of its political adversaries, this epic film made a lasting impression on me. Most memorable were visions of Simon Peter walking along a tree-lined road as echoes of soft voices, seemingly from out of nowhere, chanted “quo vadis Lord”.

That Monday, I rushed to my High School History teacher and asked him the meaning of quo vadis, who simply said it means: “Which way am I going in life.” Why him instead of asking others around me, is unclear. In retrospect, this was quite a philosophical response, yet not typical of my Southern Baptist world, tending more devotional instead.

Of course, thought and devotion (mind and heart) ultimately intersects for all truthseekers, whether long-term or temporary.

Given their great philosophic approach to religion, hmm…I wonder if Mr. Newman was Jewish. Nonetheless, he obviously was a gifted and caring teacher. One day he brought his record collection to class and played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for us. This brought me to tears, and still remains one of my favorite piano compositions.

Years later, I would realize the full meaning of “quo vadis Lord” thanks to Mr. Newman’s prudent answer that day. Meanwhile, I intuitively learned not to take one’s religion too seriously; for this I am also grateful.

The Absurdity of Taking Our Religions Too Seriously

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” ~Anne Lamott, American writer and political activist

For some, the thought of a religious debate is way too heavy to ponder; while for others, it can be quite scary if raised in a strict, fundamentalist environment. Yet, somewhere between religious indifference and the inbred fear of religion, are those individuals who have sought refuge in the ancient teachings of well-established religions and have found it!

In general, there we find the real student-teachers of God. Though varied, depending upon their acquired insights and style, they usually don’t take religion so seriously as to be stuffy and hypercritical of others, and generally have a good sense of humor about it. Hence, the above witty quote from Anne Lamott that gently reflects back to us, the absurdity of taking ourselves and our religions way too seriously.

Yet, ‘There Is Something More’

Once, while talking to a friend about “A Course in Miracles,”[1] one of my favorite spiritual studies, she mentions her beloved grandmother who never insisted that she believe in God, or any particular religion. During their philosophic discussions, she would ultimately say:

“Peggy, there is something more.”

Wow! I thought, this is the most profound statement I’ve ever heard relative to religious differences and the existence of God or not, and told Peggy that I would always remember her grandmothers’ wise response and pass it on.

‘A Religious War’ or Not?

Today the religious debate has reached a curious level, mostly pertaining to the outrageous terrorists that appear to be raging war globally in the name of religion! So naturally those in our government are very concerned, as they should be.

In January, shortly after the tragic Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, Sen. Lindsey Graham, our esteemed U.S. senator from South Carolina, observed, in essence, that: “We’re in a religious war” with “radical Islamists” whose religious teachings, or the misuse of it, seemly requires them to kill, enslave, or convert so-called dissidents.

In a Feb 1st CNN article titled, “Why Obama Won’t Call Terror Fight a War on Radical Islam,” Sen. Graham is said to have mentioned on Fox News earlier this month that: “When I hear the President of the United States and his chief spokesperson failing to admit that we’re in a religious war, it really bothers me.”

Of course, Lindsey Graham is also a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, a former Staff Judge Advocate (military lawyer) and a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, currently assigned as a Senior Instructor at the Air Force JAG School. Naturally we hear from Sen. Graham quite often, particularly when outrageous acts of terrorism hit the news, and thus appreciate his active concern and patriotism.

Yet, Barrack Obama, being the first African-American U.S. President, a former U.S. Senator from Illinois, a graduate of Harvard Law School, a former community organizer and civil rights attorney who taught Constitutional Law for many years at the University of Chicago, is also appreciated for his great works and, his apparent love of our country and humanity.

In the same above CNN article, it basically states President Obama emphasized the importance of the U.S. keeping its response to groups of terrorism “surgical” so as to avoid alienating the vast majority of Muslims who are peaceful, and naturally reject those who “have embraced a nihilistic, violent, [and] almost medieval interpretation of Islam.”

Thus, refraining from viewing the war against international terrorism as ‘a religious war’ is a wise step in the right direction…here is why.

The Moors Occupy Parts of Europe

Actually, many here in the West, though not all, are missing the point entirely when they choose to see today’s radical wars in the name of Islam as a religious war, which is a big distraction. As it keeps us from recognizing the deeper truth behind this horrendous warfare, as are all wars. And so we must return to a certain point in Western history to truly understand.

In 711 AD, the Moors invade Spain. Their historic name is likely a Spanish language derivative that simply means the Blacks, as radical racism was then nonexistent. Mainly of the Black race of African origin, for centuries the Moors ruled most of Spain, Portugal and parts of Southern France and Italy that greatly influenced European societies for over seven centuries.

The Moors, who were of the Islamic faith, were more advanced than most European cultures at the time. They intermarried, established great centers of learning, hospitals, housing with street lights, running water and were mathematical adepts.

Declared a national monument in 1870 after years of tedious restoration by Spanish architects, the exquisite Alhambra Castle, built by the Moors in Granada Spain, is one of the few wonders of Moorish design and artistic sensibility that miraculously survived the Spanish Reconquista and Napoleon’s army centuries later. Yet, things are subject to Karmic change!

The Spanish Reconquista

In reality, there is no beginning or an end. But there is an ebb and flow to creation. Such is the Law of Karma (cause and effect). Hence, the Crusades and Spanish Reconquista, Christianity’s protracted attempts to oust Moorish rule, finally succeeds with the fall of Granada in 1492 led by Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon.

Soon after the fall of Granada, Christopher Columbus is called to the Spanish court of the victorious monarchs. Queen Isabella finally approves his lingering request for funds. Destined to explore the world, the successful transatlantic voyages of Christopher Columbus would initiate European explorations and colonization of the Americas.

Eventually, the Islamic Moors and the Jews are expelled from Spain. With the burning of their books and such, evidence of Moorish presence is virtually expunged from national memory, or degraded, and systemically replaced with Christian thought and symbolism.

The Beginning of Radical Racism

Today, there is a major voice crying to be recognized as we, of the civilized world, grapple with the towering issue of global terrorism in the name of religion. Symbolically called the elephant in the room, global racism or, more to the point, radical racism is its name.

Historically, slavery or some form of servitude was permitted in most medieval societies, though race was not a definitive factor. Yet, slavery was, and still is, a radical departure from human evolution with Karmic consequences. Sadly, slavery would reach a new low and become even more radicalized in Early America.

In 1619, the first Africans arrive on American shores generally considered equal to European indentured servants, as racism and endless servitude was nonexistent. Yet, all of that would radically change. Later in the 1600s, the Maryland and Virginia colonies are among the first to legally declare all African slaves to be slaves-for-life.  Tragically, this marks the beginning of radical racism.

Since empathy is an intrinsic human quality, we must be taught to hate as hate is a by-product of intense fear.

With the early Africans being legally consigned to slavery for life and their owners still left in perpetual fear of losing their livelihood, seems most whites were socialized to hate black folks! Lest they inadvertently collaborate with a slave’s natural attempt to escape the inhumanity of slavery at the earliest opportunity.

Even keeping low-income white folks in check was not a problem; as any friendly contact with a black person was deemed a social taboo with dire consequences. Hence, hateful terms such as “niggerlover” soon became a major psychological weapon used to destroy White empathy for Blacks back then, which worked.

Radical Racism or A World Without Hate, Which Way

 “I have need to be all on fire, for I have mountains of ice about me to melt.” ~William Lloyd Garrison, American Abolitionist[2]

In 1865, slavery in America is finally abolished! Declining praise for his wonderful part in ending slavery, President Abraham Lincoln ostensibly states he had been only an instrument, as the logic and moral power of William Lloyd Garrison, the country’s anti-slavery people, and the Union Army did it all! Sadly, radical racism would continue.

While radical racism, slavery’s offspring, continues to haunt American society and the world, still much can be done today to eradicate the historic effects of radical racism worldwide.

Having found the United Nations, the means for supporting a world without hate are already here. Yet, together, humanity must first resolve that owing to global evolution, the primal need to triumph and subjugate nations is no longer practical in today’s high-tech world.

With much more to gain than lose, one day the world will unite in heart and mind despite the looming specter of racial disparity, political discord and religious differences, and thus make the United Nations a greater power broker for us all. Why not today? The choice is ours!

© Delores L. Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post 2012-2015. All rights reserved.


[1] A Course In Miracles. California: Foundation For Inner Peace, First Edition—June 1976

[2] Mayer, Henry. All on Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1998, p.568.





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“Love ye one another as I have loved you.”

~Jesus the Christ, John 15:12

Bricks and stones may hurt my bones, but words can never harm me. Remember that? When we were kids at home, this was our favorite retort against harmless name-calling. As we were not allowed to say unkind words to each other, which, today, still instructs me. In fact, back then to even think about calling each other “a lie” risked the wrath of our mom, as that was generally considered very offensive.

And so, early on, we kids learned how to respect other people, which is an impersonal form of Universal Love (compassion, kindness) that I was destined to realize later in life.

Of course, once in the real world, away from Mom’s refined rules of behavior, I would soon realize how hurtful words could be, and naturally avoided such whenever I could. Sadly, this was not always easy as there were, and still are, some folks who delight in using clever ways to hurt or even devastate others with their cruel expressions while giving a false pretense of having either good or amusing intentions. With a natural aversion to violence of any kind, I managed to stay true to my homespun values, and still do.

Charlie Hebdo, a Once Obscure French Magazine

Sadly, with all due respect to the victims, their friends and families, and that classic nation known as La Belle France, this brings us to the January 7th assassinations in Paris of Stéphane Charbonnier, Charlie Hebdo’s main publisher, and the other sacred souls tragically caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Done by woefully misguided assailants and later killed by the French police, railing against the magazine’s graphically obscene caricatures of their highly respected religious founder was their cause. Yet, this, of course, is never the way of the wise and the compassionate.

As we are meant to live for a cause and find a better way, a way that extends life and uplifts us all! Thus, the fatal actions of the ill-advised assassins must be widely condemned, together with the hateful images routinely published in the Charlie Hebdo Magazine.

Initiating a most tragic, international event that is still ongoing; a week later on January 14, this once obscure French magazine, heretofore barely surviving financially, boldly publishes yet another offensive cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, though less profane perhaps.

Nonetheless, this controversial issue is now selling in the millions according to CNN’s live reports from Paris. So why am I not laughing, indeed!

Free Speech or the Money

Recently, Dr. Tariq Ramadan, a renowned professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University, appeared on Democracy Now, a popular radio program, with hosts Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh during their continued coverage of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

While Dr. Ramadan rightly condemned the tragic killings and expressed condolences to the victim’s families, he also well stated that the cartoonist’s practice of “nurturing controversies” by insulting the Prophet or Islam is neither intelligent nor a decent way to deal with freedom of expression, though their rights must be protected.

Of course, Dr. Ramadan’s mention of the magazine’s allegedly known financial challenges that included bankruptcy over the last two years, “which has nothing to do with courage” but more “to do with making money” by mainly targeting the marginalized Muslim community, is not only stunning but heartbreaking, having known such in my own country.

Sadly, instead of taking the old ‘do or die ‘stand for the right to free speech as often touted by Stéphane Charbonnier deemed proud to offend, who once said he would rather “die standing than live on my knees”, he could have chosen to ‘live’ a better way. The way of a real comic, a genius whose sole purpose is to humor rather than savagely offend!

Instead, likely feeling invincible, could Charlie’s doomed editor have arrogantly dismissed the previous attacks on its offices, the ensuing death threats and allegedly stoked the flames of religious controversy just for the money?

Of course, as many well know, it would not be the first time that arrogance, combined with sheer tenacity, has overwhelmed commonsense in the hard pursuit of money.

But, what about the consequences, the tragic cost of human life, the suffering of those left behind? Is humanity more important than the money? And what of the increase in the systemic fear that seemly has engulfed the country, if not entire the world?

Only Love Can Cure the Disease of Fear

To mourn the devastating losses and assuage the mounting fears after the catastrophic attacks in Paris that ultimately killed 17 people, that following Sunday with more than a million people behind them, over 40 world leaders (and/or their envoy) came together, linked arms and marched down the historic Boulevard Voltaire in a Rally for Unity against fear, now deemed “the largest demonstration in French history”.

Ultimately inspired, it was a great statement of resolve that quietly personified “La Marseillaise,” the rather bloody but very passionate French national anthem (sounds better in French). This moving anthem is said to be first sung by army volunteers marching in the streets of Marseille in the late eighteenth century.

Of course, seeing Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel marching at the center of her male equals was also very significant. As poignant memories of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King marching in the rural streets of Selma Alabama, not too long ago, for peace and justice against the madness of systemic hatreds rushed into my mind.

Yet, having not learned how to love one another successfully thus far, here we are again beset by that insidious virus of systemic fear! This time marching in Paris France no less.

Thus, as Dr. King once said in part: “Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear; only love can do that. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.”

And so, the united march against pervasive fear and social injustices persists until humanity finally wakes up and gets it right.

Getting it Right!

First, relative to free speech, society needs to make clear, at all times, the difference between free speech and hate speech and stand behind it. As this has not always been made clear by the news media during its recent Charlie Hebdo discussions, which are still ongoing.

Of course, while bound by its own laws that protect free speech, as reported recently, on occasion the French authorities did attempt to deter the wretched contents of Charlie Hebdo. Sadly, though receiving copious death threats continuously, usually by mail, the magazine’s editor, Mr. Stéphane Charbonnier was not deterred, which ultimately led to his death.

Next, rather then going into denial as many in government and the media seem to be, now is the time to wake up and get it right. Owing to advanced technology and evolution in general, the world has changed completely!

Many people of a different hue or religion have been living in European society for some time now. Thus, generations have been born and raised there, and are now free to live and make their own choices. Thus, European rule is no longer isolated and free to decide what “those people” from distant lands should like and how they should feel.

Moreover, as we now know, unlike most rational people who have learned the wisdom of peaceful protest when marginalized by society’s injustices, some of “those people” who decide to think differently are foolishly willing to die for their beliefs, much like Stéphane Charbonnier then editor of Charlie Hebdo as previously stated.

While malicious propaganda, now trying to pass as free speech, has been used in the past to subjugate and marginalize certain groups of people, usually for economic gain, today such undemocratic socialization is fast becoming obsolete! As its intended targets are now more informed, more connected, and much more aware of the psychological dangers inherent in hateful propaganda.

And so we all must wake up, learn from our miserable mistakes heaped on the rest of humanity for far too long, and change for the better! And thus resolve to not let the terribly misinformed individuals on both sides of the equation continue to die.

Instead, let’s begin, first by example then by our healing words, to teach each one how to live, how to love unconditionally, and, most importantly, how to laugh! It is then and only then can humanity begin to get it right!

Hope for a New Day

According to a recent article in the Washington Post (Massive Crowds Join March for Solidarity in Paris), France’s chief rabbi Haïm Korsia is quoted as saying: “Why do we always have to be united by tears?”

That said, here is hoping that one day, when the climate is favorable to more colorful attire, a march for Peace and Unity will soon be held. Again, bringing together world leaders and religious scholars to lead a march down the historic Boulevard Voltaire.

Since only love can cure the disease of fear, this time a more positive mantra that simply states “I am Loved” will do splendidly. As this affirms who we really are!

And so, with each one affirming “I am Loved” by millions of people everywhere, the world would change instantly! Thus a divine promise is fulfilled.

As we are all in this together, on that day humanity will take a giant leap towards getting it right! And the real work for world peace and unity truly begins.

© Delores L. Adams and The Aunt Jemimah Post 2015. All rights reserved.

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