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“Let brotherly [and sisterly] love continue.” ~Hebrews 13:1

Though democracy is just a word, it is a good word that symbolizes social equality, freedom and human rights for all. Thus the concept of democracy is now widely embraced by most evolving societies. For at its polar opposite lies tyranny: the ultimate destroyer of peace, justice and a clear reverence for life. And so we of the Modern World naturally keep marching toward democracy, both individually and collectively, as we must.

Sadly, those who have lost their way keep rejecting democracy in the name of something they have yet to fully articulate or even understand, yet keep supporting terrorism worldwide. And so, as Jesus once predicted, today’s tragic “wars and rumors of wars” seem endless…at least for now!

Of course, the good news is the world has grown tired of war’s brutalities that are now being reflected back to it daily by advanced news media such as CNN and others.  Thus the world is now ready to take the next step and fully honor democracy worldwide.

Hence the founding and continuance of life-supporting organizations such as The United Nations (UN), The World Health Organization (WHO), The International Criminal Court (ICC), and The Peace Corps are but great examples of humanity’s supreme ability to form and sustain a more perfect union worldwide! And so the best is yet to come.

Meanwhile, despite the ego-driven bickering, and even the systemic corruption, that seems to overwhelm a democratic government’s daily affairs from time-to-time, in the final analysis democracy does, indeed, provide the climate to let brotherly and sisterly love continue. And it is this that freedom loving people worldwide must never lose sight of.

So let us continue offering prayers for those suffering and for world peace…it truly works!

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