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A prayer for our people, love this song by Joe Williams (1918-1999), one of America’s Jazz-Blues singers of all times. When Ellington wrote Come Sunday, c. 1943, social injustices were extraordinarily hard on Black folks.
Sanctioned by nationwide “Jim Crow” laws and customs, many White Americans thought themselves justified in denying Blacks, and other targeted groups, the life-sustaining benefits of their own country.
Sadly, these historic attitudes were exacerbated by crocked politicians trying to get over, and many of them did!
Sadder still, is the fact that today’s crocked politicians are still using inherent social divisions to win elections so as to justify stealing from the national treasury, one that they have sworn to serve and protect.
What way-too-many White folks, though not all, can’t (or won’t) see is that their socialized attitudes against other Americans are now being used against them!
Thus, in view of the House’s recent anti-Healthcare vote amid more tax breaks for the wealthy, seems the crooks in Congress are now trying to justify stealing our tax dollars from our social programs that affords health, education, and welfare for us all, while giving tax-breaks to the avaricious, over-fed people among us.
If Duke Ellington were here today, I like to think that he would dedicate “Come Sunday” to all Americans. And urge us to wake up and realize that we are all in this together. That our happy American lifestyle depends on it!
No matter the color of your skin or tribal alliances, we all are affected by the sick politicians in our government today who are ever proving that they are woefully incapable of reason and empathy for us, the American people, or anyone else for that matter!
And so we must wake up and change.

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