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You’ve come a long way America, yet still a baby compared to the ancient societies with whom we share the planet. Lest we not forget!

On July 5, 1852 in Rochester, New York, a stately gentleman stands speaking before a crowd of Fourth of July celebrants and righteously laments: “What, to the slave, is the Fourth of July?” Though, he, himself, had risen far above his unhappy beginnings, most of his people were not yet free. In conclusion he notes, “A change has now come over the affairs of mankind…intelligence is penetrating the darkest corners of the globe.” And so it has, in ways unimaginable in his time. Still we remember the speaker. Today, a statute honoring the intrepid Frederick Douglass was recently erected this year in our nation’s capitol in Emancipation Hall.

Today, I give thanks to Frederick Douglass and all the other great souls who stood up and called for freedom and justice for all, which is inherent in our U.S. Constitution. Though America is still reeling from its legacy of racism left by our founding fathers, today we celebrate its freedoms, also left by our founders.

Freedom of Religion, the Jewel in America’s Crown

Of all of our cherished freedoms, my favorite is our freedom of religion, which I like to think of as the jewel in America’s crown.

Today, I can rightly state that I am a happy American, an African American and proud of it. While most of the original immigrants came to America seeking their fortune for a better life, most of my ancestors were brought here as slaves. Yet, I do not lament, knowing that America would not be here today but for the hard labors of my ancestors.

All things considered, I owe my happy life to two earthly sources, my mom and our freedom of religion. My mom took good care of us and thus I made it safely through childhood and on to adulthood with the care and values she gave us. So I am truly glad I was born to her.

Later on when things got tough, as life often does, I turned to my childhood religion. And when I felt the need to study and practice other religious beliefs, particularly the so-called “New Age” teachings, I was able to do so without being shunned or placed in a mental institution as in the not too distant past. So I am truly glad I was born in America.

Thus, with the support of God, my family and our religious community that is truly free, thanks be to the jewel in America’s crown, I have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds, so to speak, and I am truly blessed. Though I do not have fame and fortune, I am rich nonetheless and so glad to truly know what that really means.

So Happy Birthday America and Many Happy Returns!

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