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“I may be wrong, but I doubt it.”  ~ Sir Charles Barkley, NBA Superstar

First, much respect to my favorite democratic candidate who, despite her opponent’s lead now, is not conceding her race for Attorney General until after all the votes are counted. Thus, all the evidence is not yet fully disclosed. Truly the mark of a patient and dedicated attorney, here is hoping that Felecia will be her state’s next Attorney General. The people need her sincere dedication in that office.

To Gloat or Not is the Question

Meanwhile, to those nationwide Republicans obviously gloating about their big wins last night (Mitch McConnell in particular), do take a deep breath and consider the underhanded way in which your party won! Thus further damaging our democracy. Then, gloat no more! After all, false pride oft comes before the fall, remember?

As most of us well know, it was the GOP’s agents of ‘dark money’ from undisclosed sources that legally spent untold dollars in false television advertising, which significantly did the Democrats in. As loads of these false ads were targeted to darken and confuse the American mind; thus, unfairly tilting our national election in the GOP’s favor.

Generally full of horrendous lies about the opposition that virtually went unchallenged…this was by no means an honorable win worthy of self-praise! Instead, in my opinion, this 2014 GOP mid-term election win amounts to a pitiful scam that ultimately dishonors all Americans and, indeed, our democratic government.

O Ye of Little Faith!

Of course, the Democrats are not without fault here; no, not by a long shot! First, the Democrats collectively abandoned their party’s sitting president and his worthy policies (such as raising the minimum wage) instead of running on them; which actually won in several states when on the ballot. How weird was that?

Next, rightly concerned by the impending abundance of “dark money” ads that stood to crush their narrative or repeatedly use it against them, seems the mighty Democrats fell victim to their own fears and overly protected themselves. Hence, unwittingly breaking the cardinal rule of verbal warfare: Never, ever let the enemy control your narrative!

O ye of little faith. Still, the morrow is another day…or so…and the good fight continues after all.

Lest We Forget!

And then there were We the People, who ultimately let themselves down. For no matter how hopeless things seem, particularly in our democratic system of government, we all must do our part to keep our society well and our democratic government properly functioning.

Much like we can’t give up on our kids, no matter how difficult at times, we cannot continue to give up and simply not vote because things are not going well. How infantile is that?

In the final analysis we all have to live with the results of our political elections. Hence, the true nature of politics is very, very personal. So, we must take our duty as American citizens very seriously and make an effort to vote at every election. That’s the very least we can do.

As Civil Rights icon, Rev. Jessie Jackson wisely said in a recent newsletter: “If you fail to show up, your vote still counts, but in support of those you oppose.” Lest we forget.

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