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Rep James Clyburn, D-SC

Rep James Clyburn, D-SC

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” ~Maya Angelou

Recently in a televised phone interview, Rep James Clyburn, (D-SC), now a Hillary Clinton supporter for president tells Roland Martin, host of News One Now on TV One, that rival Bernie Sanders’ free public college plan would hurt Historical Black Colleges:

“If you say that you’re going to have college, free two-year college, among public institutions, why would a student go to an HBCU? What will happen is these HBCUs will all close down all across America because they would not be able to afford to stay open,” said Rep Clyburn.

A Wily Distraction Perhaps?

Oh, so the rest of the country should go without tuition free education to save HBCUs, thus making this a backward move instead of a progressive one? What a divisive thought, which seeks to undermine Bernie Sanders’ progressive plan toward free education for all Americans. A wily distraction indeed! How sad is that?

Though highly unlikely, what if “all” these HBCUs did close down as Rep Clyburn erroneously suggests? What if tuition free education would integrate a broad range of ethnic studies and thus heal the American mind of historic racism and other destructive biases? Indeed, what if the sky should fall Chicken Little?

Why the HBCUs Were Established

Yet, in view of it all, lest we not forget the main reason historical Black colleges were founded in the first place. In response to the segregation laws that immediately arose after Reconstruction abruptly ended (ca.1877), benevolent forces founded the HBCUs for the purpose of providing a higher education for the former slaves, who were now violently barred by law or local customs from free association with the White populace, and they with them.

Though racial segregation (then known as “Jim Crow”) has significantly ended and racism is slowly dying a painful death, the HBCUs have flourished nonetheless. Thus, thru it all, African American students have not only received a higher education, but a well-deserved sense of stability and cultural pride as well. Much like the other privately-funded Ivy League colleges and universities in the U.S., it is highly unlikely that these historic institutions will be closing anytime soon due to “tuition free” State colleges, which were prevalent in the Sixties.

Politics, Racism and the Law of Karma

Sadly, politicians actually created American racism that virtually began with William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, ca. 1681, who both owned slaves and allowed slavery in his provinces. A devout Quaker, Penn was also known for his kindness. Thus, unlike many other slaveholders, William Penn advocated humane treatment for African American slaves and Native Americans. Of course, many of the abolitionists were also Quakers, whose decades of toil ultimately brought about the abolishment of Western slavery, in which we all can be very proud.

While slavery has a long and very dark history in various cultures throughout the world, there is no viable excuse for Modern Americans to continue perpetuating racism, slavery’s offspring, so as to win elections and such. Sadly, they just don’t get it.

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) is very impartial and it works, believe it or not. Yet, we can change! Hence the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have others treat you.

The Bushes and the Clintons

Sadly, in the final analysis, neither President George W. Bush nor President Bill Clinton actually got it right.

Soon after G.W. Bush becomes president, he gives us a one-time tax-refund, which was not much but money in our pockets. Soon 9/11/2001, then follows the unfortunate Iraqi War that destroyed countless lives and property from which we are still reeling.

In his final hours as President, Bill Clinton signs off on legislation that virtually deregulates the 1932 Glass-Steagall Banking Act, a measure to restrain the investment banks from gambling with the people’s deposits and creating yet another Great Depression. Sadly, such unrestraint did take hold and virtually destroyed our national economy, including the lives of many.

According to reliable sources recently, Hillary Clinton has promised a boon of $25 million dollars to the HBCUs should she become the next president, go figure.

After hearing of Mrs. Clinton’s way too cozy connections with Wall Street, the lucrative speeches and such, I lost confidence in Hillary Clinton who once had my support.

Frankly, though God loves them, both a Clinton and a Bush retirement from politics would be a real gift to our society, and the world I might add. A vote for Bernie Sanders, the only candidate with a real vision for American life and good government, would be divine.

Feeling the Bern

Yes, I believe in the Bern, have hopped on that chariot and intend to ride it pass the finish line, and into the White House with all of his other ardent supporters. Thus, I believe in Bernie Sander’s platform that clearly states a practical solution to revitalizing our democracy.

A viable platform that finally summons We-the-People to help him and his future administration restore a much-needed balance in our government and in our society. The collective will of the people is, indeed, our greatest treasure after all.

Keep the Faith. And may the Truth be with us.

Feel the Bern in 2016!

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