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Originally posted, untitled, on my Facebook page during Holy Week just before Easter 2017.
Wow! I’m in tears of joy here. In a previous post re Palm Sunday, I mention the church of my childhood. And today, Holy Spirit leads me to this traditional recording of “Walking Up the King’s Highway (Loretta Oliver)”, a song we use to sing when I was a teenager in our Junior Choir.
Always the best from God, this is a reunion choir of one of the most renowned traditional churches in Chicago: Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church founded by the legendary Rev. Clay Evans.  Still here, Rev. Evans hosted Dr. King when he visited Chicago.
Clearly Rev. Clay Evans, Rev. C. L. Franklin of Detroit (Aretha Franklin’s father) and Chicago’s Rev A. P. Jackson of Liberty Baptist Church, who also hosted Dr. King, all belong to that great pantheon of African American preachers who, much like Dr. Martin Luther King, upheld the dignity of our people during hard times, and still do.
Friends, if ever you wonder how African Americans made it through all the pain and humiliation projected upon our community, either visit a traditional African American church or listen to the following songs on YouTube, or both!
Obviously, Donald Trump had never experienced such jubilation when he harshly misjudged African American life during his presidential campaign. Well Donald, it’s never too late. Who knows, you may even get the real Holy Spirit and change for the better. Meanwhile, the beat continues.
(Rev. 05/14/17) Posted on my Facebook page 04/03/17.
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