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On this day I am truly grateful to all the men and women of our country, and the world, who fought to preserve our American freedoms. This morning, I woke up thinking about all those who valiantly fought, suffered, and or died for our freedoms. Which, today, seems taken for granted by some, yet still lives in the grateful hearts of so many more.
As the sun sets on this special day, I am still left with a grateful heart for our Freedom of Religion. Which, to me, still remains the Jewel in America’s Crown. When I think back on how much I have evolved in this life, and of a time when one could be declared mentally incompetent in America simply for daring to believe in a different religion, I am truly humbled.

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On August 20, 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said it best in a speech that, today, still resonates in the depths our humanity:
“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” ~Sir Winston Churchill
And so, on this special day, we remember all of our honorable warriors well, always.
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Once again, our national day of mourning and remembrance of those in our Armed Forces is celebrated in good fashion. Beside the well-deserved remembrances and honors of those who gave their lives to ensure American freedoms since the beginning, recently we, as a nation, have begun to show and speak gratitude for their service to our country…which is always very personal and very real.

And, on this day of national remembrance, we do keep in mind the members of our Police Forces and First Responders across our great nation who also died or strive daily to save us!

So a big thanks to all those in my family and the American family for their dedicated service and sacrifices for the protection of our American values and, indeed, our very lives!

Today, we can remember each one best by resolving to be the best that we can be in our daily lives and not take our hard-won freedoms and social services for granted.

In silent prayer, with a kind word or a warm smile to others when appropriate, and actively supporting our government through voting, volunteering, and holding our elected officials accountable to promoting the general welfare of all Americans, we can best serve our nation daily in the highest possible way!

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