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“Hell is the impossibility of reason.”

~from Platoon, an Oliver Stone Film

Simple reason tells us that it is totally unnecessary for any advanced society, such as ours, to allow its private citizens to purchase and own military weaponry of any kind, including assault rifles supposedly used for recreational sport such as hunting and target shooting.

Yet, after a catastrophe year of mass murders in our communities by mad men using legally purchased semi-automatic assault rifles with horrendous rounds of ammunition, why, then, are we still debating the issue of whether to ban such sales?

Moreover, why, after the recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn at Sandy Hook Elementary School would a certain U.S. Senator on national television seemly boast about having an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in his home? Or why, according to the same article by the Associated Press, would the NRA plan to use its membership as volunteers to help guard children?

Considering that such tragic events has happened elsewhere in our communities, notwithstanding the fact that this sounds eerily close to calling for a state militia, does this sound reasonable today given that we now have a local Police Department, the National Guard or the U.S. Army on call 24/7.

Or, considering that such advocates for more deadly force are, in fact, reasonable persons, could there be a deeper reason for their concern, one not so obvious yet very real to them?

In retrospect, I can clearly recall my father once saying that only a fearful man carried a gun. Or our mom jokingly saying it was the devil in us when, as children, we were afraid to enter a dark room. Though we usually laughed at mom’s playful attempt to make light of the situation, we always waited for her to turn on the light.

What is Fear

Today, after having to overcome some fears of my own during many years on the path to truth, I‘ve learned a thing or two about fear. First, fear is a deep sense of loss whether real or unreal. Next, fear is a powerful emotion that seems very real at the time and can make us crazy if we are not careful.

Moreover, I’ve learned that beneath our prolonged fears lies hate in one form or another.

Irrational Fear vs. Rational Fear

Unlike our natural fear of the unknown or our primal fear in the face of real danger, which I think of as our rational fears, irrational fear is something else. Often born of self-hatred or hatred of other people, irrational fear is not usually recognized. Though inwardly confused by now, we like to see hate as a strength and fear as a weakness.

Thus, we miss the point entirely and set about to convince other willing souls that not only is our hate justified but certain others, whom we have targeted, are objects of our hate.

Yet, there is a way out, for we are far greater than our deepest fears.

Stopping Hate Stops the Fear

By resolving to give up our hate, we automatically give up our irrational fears and thus release our self from hell. We let reason prevail and thus resolve the tragic issue of gun control, and thereby create a safer and far more peaceful society. And so, we make the best New Year resolution ever!

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